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UniqueHoodia - The Most Effective Hoodia Slimming Pills On The Market!
Clinically Proven
Hoodia Origin South Africa
Guarantee 6 Months - Money Back
Serving Size 460mg
Side Effects None
Shipping Cost Free
Overall Rating
WebSite www.uniquehoodia.com

Why Buy UniqueHoodia Slimming Pills Today?

  • Clinically proven to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight effectively
  • Reduce your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories per day
  • Lose 1lb - 5lb's per week - safe and healthy method for fast weight loss
  • Maximum potency means maximum weight loss
  • Stop your food cravings and help you with your diet
  • No fillers or binders, just 100% pure hoodia gordonii
  • 460mg of hoodia per pill, most have less than 400mg
  • 90 pills per box - 30 more than most hoodia products, more hoodia = quicker results
  • Certificate of authenticity (CITES) that the Hoodia used is pure
  • Hoodia as seen on the BBC, CBS, Hello Magazine
  • In the last 3 months, 93% of our customers re-ordered UniqueHoodia
  • Free shipping and discreet packaging
  • Produced in CGMP approved facilities
  • Extra strength formula – only the most potent and properly harvested Hoodia is used
  • Product is in a box and blister packed, better than a bottle
  • Boosts energy - help you to be more active
  • Results lead to increased self esteem & confidence
  • Starts work straight away – after your first dosage
  • Buy 4 or 6 months supply and get a FREE box
  • Limited time 10% discount when you order 4 months supply or more
  • Limited stock available – maximum of one order per an address and no more than 6 boxes, due to the scarcity of pure Hoodia and current crop levels being low

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UniqueHoodia Slimming Pills - The safe way to lose weight with no side effects

One of the most important things when you're looking into purchasing a Hoodia product is to make sure it is safe and has no harmful side effects. This will ensure that you not only lose weight quickly but also safely.

UniqueHoodia is:

  • Made from 100% South African Hoodia Gordonii
  • 100% pure, no fillers or binders
  • Not too cheap
  • A powerful pill not a patch, gum or tea.
  • Not available as a free trial
  • Guaranteed satisfaction to work or your money back
  • Organic and fresh

Unlike other hoodia based products, UniqueHoodia only contains Hoodia Gordonii with no fillers, no additives, and no lubricants - just a perfect 460mg dosage of pure Hoodia with no known side effects, this means you can relax knowing you are not swallowing any harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients.

UniqueHoodia have been clinically proven to help suppress your appetite naturally, reduce your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories per day. This allows you to reach your weight loss goals faster, also cut down on your food bill.

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has achieved to show it is safe for you to use

UniqueHoodia is the real deal - Beware of fake hoodia products

According to research conducted by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, over 80% of the Hoodia Gordonii pills they tested, were found to be not 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii nor authentic. Don't be fooled by those hoodia products which claim to have more than 600mg of hoodia in every pill. The chances are that it is a combination of fillers, caffeine or other inactive parts of the Hoodia Gordonii plant that will do nothing to suppress your appetite.

Any products you find like this are unlikely to work, although they may look like bargains they are not. Hoodia is the most famous appetite suppressant but you have to be careful to ensure you only choose pure Hoodia from South Africa. Pure South African Hoodia Gordonii is rare and expensive so do not waste your money on false-economy products that will have little or no effect. So be very careful.

You also need to watch out for some hoodia pills that claim you need to take more than 600mg per serving. This is simply not true, trials have shown that the optimal per serving size is between 400-500mg.

Anything more than this is unlikely to have any added benefit, companies who tell you it will are simply doing so to try and get you to spend more money with them. Avoid the money-grabbers at all costs, they are not worth your valuable time.

UniqueHoodia are one of the most honest hoodia companies we have found. They do not feed you a load of lies in order to get you to buy. They tell it how it is and in actual fact they restrict you to just 6 boxes per order.

This is because pure hoodia is rare and supply cannot match demand. It usually takes 5 years before a hoodia plant can be harvested, and it's only found in south Africa. Therefore UniqueHoodia have removed their 12 month option indefinately. This ensures more people like you can reap the benefits of their pure hoodia pills.

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UniqueHoodia Slimming Pills - Unique Manufacturing Process

which slimming pills work?Unlike other hoodia products out there UniqueHoodia is the real deal.

There are no binders or fillers, just 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii squeezed in to the smallest possible easy-to-swallow size zero pill.

In fact, to acheive this, UniqueHoodia had to completely revamp their whole manufacturing process.

This was because getting 460mg of pure hoodia without binders has NEVER been done by anyone before.

Whereas many companies would have sacrificed the quality of their product, UniqueHoodia spent thousands, possibly millions completely redeveloping their manufacturing plant to accomodate this unique product.

This means you are left with one of the highest quality hoodia products available, and, unlike many hoodia products, it's still very easy to swallow their pills!

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UniqueHoodia's ingredients and manufacturing process

UniqueHoodia Slimming Pills - Limited time 10% discount!

For a limited time UniqueHoodia are offering a 10% discount of orders of 4 months or more. Simply enter the e-voucher code 'UHCR10' during checkout to receive your discount and lose weight for less.

This is great news for you as it means you can start losing weight for less. Check out the costs of each order option with this discount:

* 1 Box (1 month supply 90 pills) = $54.95 per box - No discount available

* 2 Boxes (2 month supply 180 pills) = $42.48 per box - No discount available

* 3 Boxes (3 month supply 270 pills) = $39.98 per box - No discount available

* 4 Boxes (4 month supply 360 pills) + 1 Free = $26.09 per box - Using discount code 'UHCR10'

* 5 Boxes (5 month supply 450 pills) = $30.59 per box - Using discount code 'UHCR10'

* 6 Boxes (6 month supply 540 pills) + 1 Free = $25.06 per box - Using discount code 'UHCR10'

This offer could end at anytime, so we apologize if you are reading this and it as already ended.

You need to use UniqueHoodia for at least 3 months to see the maximum results and therefore a 3+ month order is the best option. If you purchase the higher packages, then you will receive fantastic free weight loss bonuses!

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UniqueHoodia Slimming Pills - 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

The manufacturers are so confident in their products ability that they are offering you a complete 6 month money-back guarantee with every order. This means your purchase is not just risk-free to your health but risk-free to your wallet too. If within 6 months of trying UniqueHoodia slimming pills you are not totally satisfied, they will give you a full refund, simple as that!

There is no better Hoodia product available to you. UniqueHoodia is, as the name suggests........unique! It has more pills per box, more pure hoodia per pill and gives you a better chance of losing weight and keeping if off than any other hoodia product.

In addition, you will receive:

  • 24 hour customer support services via email and telephone
  • 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers - big savings on multi-box orders
  • Fast, discreet packaging and free worldwide shipping
  • A massive 90 pills per box (30 more than most hoodia products)
  • 460mg of 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii in every pill

UniqueHoodia, a 100% pure hoodia product that is so popular they have had to restrict orders to 6 boxes per customer. This is because the stock is flying off the shelves quicker than the pure Hoodia can be grown, extracted and packaged up.

With an increase in media coverage on UniqueHoodia expected in the coming months we recommend that you buy as much as you need today. The limit of 6 boxes per customer may be lowered to 2 or less any time soon.

It is time to take action. No more putting things off until tomorrow, that is the exact attitude that stops you from becoming who you want to be. No more excuses you want to have a slim body, you want to be more confident and starting today you can be.

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